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18+ Greatest Inspiring Tall Toilets For Handicapped

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Tall Toilets For Handicapped

Public facilities should be friendly to everyone, including people with disabilities or disability. Toilets in public places must have at least one cabin is equipped for people with disabilities or tall toilets for handicapped.

Unfortunately, this rule is not always enforced, and often people with disabilities and older people need only experience the great inconvenience when using public toilets. This fact does not speak in favor of the owners and managers of these institutions, due to the arrangement of single cabins for the disabled does not require a large investment of money or construction work.

A company engaged in the production of sanitary, has long been concerned over the release of pipeline equipment for people with limited mobility. In the current market a lot of pipe model toilet, sink and shower, made especially for them.

In this article “tall toilets for handicapped”, we describe the existing toilet for the disabled and how to equip a bathroom with the needs of the disabled.

Features for tall toilets for the handicapped

  1. High toilet for the disabled

    The height of the toilet tailored to human growth in the environment. This information is needed in order for the installation of a toilet is convenient to use. According to the rules, the height of a toilet for disabled people must be in the range of 45 to 60 cm.

    There is a seat model toilet, adjustable-height, as well as special support under the toilet, which allows to increase a few centimeters.

  2. Handrails

    Special tall toilets for handicapped height with smallpox, there is a special attribute required, namely the handrails. This mandatory attribute handrails from the bathroom, which will benefit people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

    This handle can be used to prop up the body that was not as strong as normal human beings. In certain cases it can be used as a rescue tool if a fall or slip in bed bath.

  3. Materials

    The selection of the appropriate toilet material will determine the level of convenience for the disabled. The selected material should be strong and safely used for a day day. Sit down and cover-this is one of the most important components of a toilet for the disabled.

    A selection of these elements should be given special attention. However, if the damage to the musculoskeletal system is not very strong, it is possible to restrict the standard components, used for conventional toilets.

    Nozzles in the toilet for the disabled can be adjusted height and width. Some models are equipped with automatic functions, such as heating or lifters. There is a cap equipped motion sensor, which increases with the approach of the man.

Toilets for handicapped grab bars

Mounting the handle near the toilet for disabled people should consider the range of hands. A great pairing that is 16 “-18” adjacent to the side wall or partition, the sidewall must be a minimum length of 54 “, if flush controls don’t seem to be automatic, they have to be set on the wide, open facet of the bathroom. Outer diameter to grip or grab bar must be 1-1/4 “to 1/2”, or the form must provide an equivalent surface. If handrails or grab bars are mounted adjacent to a wall, the space between the wall and the bar as far as 1-1/2 “.

Toilets For Handicapped Grab Bars Specifications
Toilets For Handicapped Grab Bars Specifications

Rear Grab Bar: grab bars should be mounted 33″- 36″ higher than the ground. If the bathroom isn’t in a very stall, the rear wall bar should be a minimum of 36″ long with the top nearer to the facet wall mounted a minimum of 12″ from the line of the bathroom and extend a minimum of 24″ on the transfer facet.

Side Grab Bar: The facet bar should be a minimum of 42″ long and mounted a most 12″ from the rear wall. The top of the bar should extend a minimum of 54″ from the rear wall.

Best toilets for handicapped

What is the best toilet for disable? The answers to this will depend on how broad your bathroom, so you can determine the right toilet models. We have studied many models of toilets for wheelchair users. Here’s the Top five best toilets for handicapped:

  1. Wall Hung Toilet Bowl With Concealed TankIf you want to buy a toilet for disabled people, but a small washroom, a wall-hung toilet bowl with the water tank concealed inside the wall is ideal. This toilet has excess space as much as 18 inches from the ground floor, so wheelchair users can perform various maneuvers before using the toilet.Concealed water tanks will save space and make the room feel more spacious. The space under the toilet bowl will facilitate the movement of a wheelchair to the toilet. This toilet is maintaining the security and convenience of the disabled, disable.
  2. Pedestal Toilet With Tank Concealed Inside Wall
    If you don’t have a strong structural wall to support the wall hung toilet, consider a pedestal-style toilet with a water tank concealed. You can rest against the wall when you sit on the toilet. Disable users would be comfortable sitting and move from one place to another.
  3. ADA Height Toilet
    Product “ADA” stands for the Americans Disabilities Act has a function that is already designed for people with disability. Usually often used on public toilet facilities for the disabled. Average high 17-19 inches from the floor to the toilet seat. The height range is excellent for wheelchair users, so that they will easily move from wheelchair to toilet. This lowes toilets for handicapped has good durability and suitable for wheelchair users.
  4. Raised Toilet Seat by Vive
    This product has security equipment for the disabled, there are handrails on the left and on the right, there is a small basket on the right, and a footrest. The advantages of vive products: have safe and stand safety features, easy to assemble, no tools required, comfortable using and anti-skid grip, vive lifetime guaranty. Vive designed the toilet very thoroughly. This toilet has two handles as a tool for handling the handicapped. The toilet height is good, so the displacement of people with disabilities is easy and safe.

Gallery of 18+ Greatest Inspiring Tall Toilets For Handicapped

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