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Best 18+ Awesome Nightwatch Bed Bug Trap And Monitor

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Nightwatch Bed Bug Trap And Monitor

Nightwatch bed bug trap and monitor from BioSensory, Inc. is a highly reliable product in exterminating bed bugs. Manufacturer by BioSensory Inc. Item weight eight lbs. It can use in hotels, apartment units, homes, etc.

New technology offers BioSensory Inc. which is very interested in trapping bed bugs in spaces that are infected. You can use the NightWatch to detect if in the room or apartment has bed that becomes the nest of bed bugs. After doing scientific research systematically, BioSensory designing tools for trap bed bugs in order to come out of hiding and was killed instantly.

kairomone lure parts & use atractants natural, biological attractant against them, Mimicking the CO2 (exhaled breath) and heat of a human body.  NightWatch combines chemical decoy and trap to kill bed bugs. This product is designed to be safely used around the children and pets.

One monitor will cover a NightWatch 16 ‘ x 16 ‘ room, for larger spaces, additional monitors may be needed. If you want to eradicate bed bugs in conjunction with other bed bugs, I recommend using a NightWatch bed bug spray along with or one of the bed bug kits by BioSensory.

Do you want to know the contents of the NightWatch Monitor? 1 x monitor trap with an automatic timer and 4 x kairomone lures, O2 sold separately-Look for a 20 oz. size bottle. Available at stores such as Walmart, Dicks Sporting Goods, or a local paintball store.

Nightwatch bed bug trap and monitor manual

Here’s how it work NightWatch eradicate bed bugs.
1. Bed bugs live in a noctural and most active in the early morning. For optimal results NightWatch switched from 10 until 6 AM in the morning. Most bed bugs are the ones that are too deep sleep and wake up in the afternoon.

2. CO2 was the most powerful decoy for bed bugs. Generally when sleeping humans excrete the CO2, therefore they will be visited by bed bugs. NightWatch is using technology to accommodate and monitor the levels of CO2 and releasing it gradually to attract bed bugs and catch it.

3. In addition to CO2, bed bugs are also interested in body heat, the temperature so that the NightWatch is slightly higher than the temperature of the human skin. NightWatch produces infrared images that will be easily detected by bed bugs.

4. the first bed bug will be out because there are CO2, after that bed bugs will approach the infrared heat source they deem as the skin. Bed bugs have the tip of the antenna as a mosquito which acts as a detector. It is this tool used bed bug to bite its prey.

5. Bed bug will attempt to reach the closed thermal trap and when the fall will enter traps located on both sides of the NightWatch. Bed bugs that have already been dropped, will not likely qualify because this trap is very slippery and hot. Bed bugs will die inside just to dry overnight. Nightwatch bed bug trap and monitor manual, you can follow this guide:

Insert Co2 Bottle Nightwatch
Insert Co2 Bottle Nightwatch
Attach Pit Falls To Housing Nightwatch
Attach Pit Falls To Housing Nightwatch
Assemble Power Cord To Low Voltage Transformer Nightwatch
Assemble Power Cord To Low Voltage Transformer Nightwatch
Attach Low Voltage Power Cord Nightwatch
Attach Low Voltage Power Cord Nightwatch

Nightwatch bed bug trap and monitor reviews

Nightwatch bed bug trap and monitor has a very stylish design, easy to use, and secure lighted around children and pets. Using the adapter type DYS40-240133W so that the flow is stable.

The unit can be disassembled easily, so that pairs are easily moved about. In terms of its usage is very easy bedbug NightWatch once used. Input the desired time, depress the Time Set button repeatedly to advance the Minutes, depress and hold the time set button to advance the Hours.

Take care to correctly enter AM or PM, the PM indicator light illuminates for PM hours. Best use of NightWatch on condition the low light, at 10 PM until 6 AM. If the unit works properly, the unit will turn on and a light red flashes every four seconds.  NightWatch will release CO2 gradually to attract bed bugs.

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Do not interfere with daily activities
  3. Safe for children and pets.
  4. Able to eradicate bed bugs in quick time.
  5. Long durability and easy in its repair.
  1. The tool is too large.
  2. You must refill if CO2 bottle and lure out.

This product has the quality and good benefits. If you have a problem with this as long as the bed bugs and haven’t been winning fight against bed bugs. NightWatch is going to be the mainstay of your weapons in exterminating bed bugs.

Health problems due to bed bug

For most people, the bed bugs will be more annoying than with health hazards. These pests bite people that are nearby. He has a sensor that is in his head to detect the victim’s body and took blood.

Bite the bug leaving former beg red bumps that can be itchy. Light treatments available to stop the itching, but other problems come if you don’t take care. Following the problems caused by bed bugs.

  1. Bed Bug Allergic Reaction

    Some people have mild allergic reaction after being bitten by bed bugs. This incident is similar to experienced by some people when the bee stung. If you are allergic to bed bug, then you should immediately find a cure so that the wound soon healed.

  2. Bed Bug Infection

    A rare occurrence, but it never happened, bed bug bites can cause a serious infection. This happens when the bed bug bite wounds are left alone and untreated so that germs or bacteria used this opportunity to weaken the resistance of the body and cause a more serious infection. We recommend that, if you are bitten by bed bugs, you should keep an eye on red bumps on your skin so that you get well soon.

  3. Bed Bug Insomnia

    Bed bugs are nocturnal life, which is why they generally wait until you sleep in your bed prior to prey on you. Bed bug bites are not going to be a pain, but leave red bumps that cause itching day and night. You will probably wake up at night because of the itching and scratching would bump this until morning. This causes your lack of sleep (insomnia), loss of appetite, it is hard to focus and depression.

    In addition to the above losses, there is another worrying issue. If you know in your home there are many bed bugs, they will isolate you. They fear if your home, they will bring the bed bugs from your home and bud bug spreading in their home.

    You also hesitate to get out of the House. If you inadvertently carry the seeds of bed bugs in your shirt, bed bugs that will infect the places you visit and increase its population. The bad news, bed bugs can infection the places. When you know in your home there are bed bugs, it should immediately to  kill it before the epidemic.

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