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Hobby Lobby End Tables

If you’ve ever gone furniture shopping and come home more confused than ever before, don’t feel like you’re alone. Without even going into styles of furniture, figuring out the difference between one table and another can be a nightmare. Take lowly hobby lobby end tables, for instance. In the old days, end tables came in pairs, usually sold in a set with a matching coffee table. Easy enough. Put one end table on each end of the sofa, plug in a lamp on each and center the coffee table in front. 1950s basic décor.

Somewhere along the line, however, everything became more complex. Some blame the conversation pit era; that crafty sofa that didn’t really have an end. Venerable end tables simply had nowhere to go. Coffee tables were suddenly on their own, placed in the center of the pit so visitors had a place to put their drinks while they, well, conversed.

Elegant Hobby Lobby End Tables
Elegant Hobby Lobby End Tables

Today, end tables have made a comeback. No longer sold automatically in pairs with a coffee table, they have struck out on their own, joined by accent tables, occasional tables, drum tables, side tables… the list goes on and on and on.

Even though it’s easier to find lovely hobby lobby round end tables for the home than ever before, knowing exactly what constitutes an end table has become much more difficult.

Engaging Hobby Lobby End Tables
Engaging Hobby Lobby End Tables

To help you sort it all out, here are some basics:

End Tables: Though they’ve been separated from their coffee table siblings, end tables usually come in pairs still. They are designed to go at the end of each side of a sofa or next to a set of chairs and can have drawers for storage and lower shelves for use as a display space. They are large enough to hold a lamp and some knick-knacks.

Accent Tables: Accent tables are usually sold individually. They are a little splashier in appearance and are supposed to “accent” the décor in your room. As such, they come in many different shapes and finishes, including drum tables, drop leaf tables and tilt tops. They can be used in place of end tables, particularly if you just want a table on one side of the sofa or loveseat.

Chairside Tables: End tables can be used as chairside tables, of course. The only difference is the chairside table often has a smaller footprint and is sized to place next to a recliner or chair. Smaller end tables can do the same thing, offering you flexibility in your room designs.

The different sized tables tuck under one another when not in use and pull out as needed to add more table space when you have guests over.

Tray tables: If you’re not planning to add a lamp to the end tables in your living room, you can opt for tray tables instead. These have easy to remove trays that you can use for serving food or beverages. The rest of the time, tray tables look just like end tables.

Eye Catching Hobby Lobby End Tables
Eye Catching Hobby Lobby End Tables


Choosing the perfect end table can be a very personal choice, and well it should be, given the tremendous selection that is out in the marketplace these days.


When choosing the perfect table for your room, you want to make sure that it has the right scale and the right style. For example, you don’t want an end table that is too large or too small when placed next to your furnishings and you don’t want to choose a modern end table for a traditionally furnished room.

That said, choosing the perfect end table is still and adventure, given the fact that you can choose one that not only complements your existing pieces of furniture and overall décor, but your personal interests and pursuits as well.

Gorgeous Hobby Lobby End Tables
Gorgeous Hobby Lobby End Tables

So how to you narrow down your choices?

The first decision is what you’re going to use your table for. If you want to have a lamp on it along with leaving enough room for someone to set a drink or plate down, you probably want to go with an end table and not an accent table, which is smaller in scale and dimensions.

Still, there are a lot of different sizes for end tables so you want to make sure that when choosing the perfect end table you get one that is correctly portioned. For instance, if you are placing the table at the end of a sofa, you want the table to be nearly as deep as the sofa or three quarters of its depth. The same is true if you place an end table next to a chair or between a set of chairs. In this case it can be a bit smaller in stature, but the actual size can be influenced by its style. A blocky table can be smaller than a more delicate, leggy table, for instance.

When choosing the perfect hobby lobby end tables, also know that they can come in different heights. There’s no standardization for furniture, and you want to get a table that doesn’t extend above the edge of your furniture or is so low that someone has to precariously reach over a sofa arm in order to set down their plate or glass.

Shape is another consideration. When choosing the perfect hobby lobby small end table many people prefer to go with a square or rectangle shape but a round or oval shape can go nicely at the end of a sofa or between two chairs as well. A round or oval table can also make the room look less blocky, giving it more character and definition.

When thinking about shape, you also want to consider the style. For beginners, you’re always safe going with a table that has straight legs and lines if the furniture around it also has straight lines. The same is true with a curved, leggy piece. It will tend to look better with more ornate furnishings.

Finally, there’s color to consider. When choosing the perfect table you want to consider the wood. If you’re upholstered furniture has wood accents, you want the table woods to match. For example, stay with cherry or at least a dark wood if your sofa or chairs have cherry accents or match blond woods with blood woods. You don’t have to use all the same shape of tables when choosing the perfect hobby lobby furniture end tables. But you do want to create a family feel. The style, color, finish and accents can tie them all together.

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