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Big Lots Sofa Sleeper

Do you have big lots sofa sleeper? How old is it? Still new or long-time?

If your sofa sleeper has old and looks ugly, then you need to enhance your appearance. If you bring the old big lots sofa sleeper to sofa reparations workshop, you will spend much money, won’t you?

Here, I will describe a simple way to enhance your sofa without the need to spend a lot of cost.

  1. Protect your big lots leather sofa sleeper with slipcovers

    Like a pillow, slipcovers is a term for a scabbard sofa. The abundance of a variety of slipcovers colors and motifs at this time will make it easier for you in choosing where to suit the character of the interior of the house.

    Besides being cheaper, it is also very practical ways to hide the damage on the surface of the sofa and produce a new-looking charm. The use of this slipcover is very easy that is, simply wrap the sofa. With the ease of implementation allows the slipcover can be more routinely washed so that clean and fresh.

  2. Replace big lots furniture sleeper sofa cover

    If your sofa has damaged badly enough, wrap it with slipcover just isn’t enough. You need to replace the sofa cover permanently, so that the quality of the foam sofa will still be good.

    Keep in mind, when the damaged brand name sofas are expensive, we recommend that you replace the cover with the same materials as before. This is done so that the authenticity of the sofa still awake so that the value of the sofa is not declining.

    For example, if you have a couch lined with velvet white, ivory, then never replaced it with leather. Compulsory for you to replace it with white, ivory velvet material with the same qualities.

  3. Redesign sectional sleeper sofa big lots

    Redesign the sofa will make the couch look new and different from the previous. For example, you can remove the arm of a sofa or add engraving on wood frame sofa. With proper planning, this way will not only beautify design of the sofa, but also makes it look more attractive than the previous form.

  4. Re-finishing sofa sleeper at big lots

    Refinish technique  you can apply re-finishing on the arms and legs of sofas which are commonly made of wood. The granting of this new touch aims to restore the charm of the old wood on the surface seems obsolete. Typically, materials used as refinish this is decorative finish coat. If your arms and legs sofa a new look, then the couch will return look charming.

Sometimes there are people who don’t want to enhance their sofa. They just want to fix a broken sofa leather. Well, I will also discuss a simple way to fix a broken sofa leather.

As we know, leather, either synthetic leather or original leather is one of the materials of a favorite sofa upholstery that looks luxurious. The leather is used to beautify the appearance of the sofa. Sofa made of leather is also very easy to clean.

How to clean the leather sofa? You can clean leather easily, then other materials like wool and cloth. A dirty leather sofa only needs to be rubbed with a cloth. However, it does not mean leather does not have the problem.

A fading color plus fibers that arise because of the friction problem. Even the often flaking leather on the sofa to cause cracks. When you’ve been here, some people might think to replace it with a new one.

But, wait a minute! We’ve got smart and inexpensive solution to repair the damaged sofa leather.
  1. Look for parts of the sofa is peeling

    Before starting repair, find the point where experience flaking or cracking. To simplify the process of patching, marked with a little masking tape at each point of damage.

  2. Clean a sofa

    Next, clean the area around the damage with a white fabric with a smooth fiber already moistened with water. You can also use alcohol wipes or a special solution of cleaning leather sofas.

    When your leather sofa began to grow mold, kill the mold with fungicides. However, you just have to spray a few laps and gradually, so that the liquid is not absorbed by the leather

    The purpose of clean-up was to make sure the original color of the leather sofa, so that you can adjust the color matched the time of repair. Once cleaned, let the couch a few minutes so that it is completely dry.

Materials needed:
  1. Special paint the leather with appropriate color sofa
  2. Irons
  3. Paper or paper bag plain
How to fix it?
  1. First

    Prepare iron and adjust temperature heat enough

  2. Second

    DAB a little cat leather on parts of the peel or crack with a small spatula. Flatten so thin and thorough so that color blends well. Try the color really fused according to original color of your leather sofa.

  3. Third

    Place the paper or paper bag brown color that is easily obtainable from the store bakery or coffee shop.

  4. Fourth

    Place the iron is already hot on paper. Remember, your paper size must be larger than the lower layer of iron.

  5. Five

    Press the iron vertically in order to paint the leather which has been in the overlay on the couch absorb well. Repeat the same thing at another point controverted. And, look! Cracking and flaking that interfere with lost instantly.


Do not directly put the irons on the leather couch without pedestal. Because of the heat directly from the flat irons will damage the leather permanently. To prevent serious damage, you must use paper as its base. The paper will be a protective leather sofa from direct touch with iron, so the sofa just exposed to the heat from the iron.


The same repair techniques can also be applied to repair cracks and former prick on the couch leather imitation and mix. Lets fix your favorite big lots leather sofa sleeper. I hope these tips will solve your problems.

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